Raw Mill

Working Principle Of Raw Mill

The raw mill uses pressure and shear generated between the rollers and the rotating table to crush and grind raw materials. Feed material is directed onto the grinding table by the feed chute. The rotation of the grinding table accelerates the material towards the grinding track and passes it under the rollers. Partially ground material passes over the dam ring encircling the grinding table and into the hot gas stream coming from the nozzle ring.

Application of Raw Mill

Raw mill is mainly used in grinding raw materials and end products in cement plant. It is also suitable for various ores and other materials metallurgy, mine, chemical and construction. Besides, it has two forms of milling, one is an open form, and the other is a recycle close form equipped with powder concentrator. It is widely applied in many industries and has convenient operation.

Technical data

Wet Raw Mill
Specification (Dia×Length) Rotating speed (r/min) Feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Grinding media load (t) Main motor Main reducer Weight(t)
Model Power
Rotating speed (r.p.m) Model Reduction ratio
Ø2.2×7 21.4 <3 20~25 31 YR148-8 380 740 ZD70-9 5 49
Ø2.2×13 21.6 <25 33~37 58~60 YR630-8/1180 630 740 MBY630 5.6 53.4
Ø2.4×13 21 <25 45~50 65~70 YR800-8/1180 800 740 JDX710 5.6 131
Ø2.6×13 20 <25 45~46 80t(max) YR1000-8/1180 1000 740 TDX800 6.3 153
Ø6.2×6.4 18.5 ≤25 32~41 86~90.5 TDMK1000-36 1000 740 134